What is SMA?

Spinal Muscular Atrophy affects roughly 1 in 6000 and is the number one genetic killer of infants. SMA is a disease causes progressive muscle weakness and hinders the ability to walk, stand, eat, swallow, or even possibly breathe. 1 in 40 people unknowingly carry the disease. Help us fight SMA together and learn how you can ask your OB to recommend carrier testing for every prospective parent.

Kaden's Story

Kaden was born perfect and healthy. He scored 100% on all of the newborn screenings and the nurses even commented on how our baby was going to be such an easy, happy baby. The first time we held him in our arms we truly felt complete. His pediatrician always commented on how well he was thriving and he was super strong. Read Kaden’s full story and share to start a revolution for Kaden.

Be Loud

They may be weak but together we are strong. SMA has been named the closest disease to a cure by the National Institute of Health. In fact, many believe that a cure and treatment would already exist if there was more awareness about the disease. So why isn’t there more awareness? Statistically the chance of being born with SMA or dying in a car accident is identical. So what can you do?

Kaden's Journey

Thank you for fighting with Kaden in his battle against SMA. When we chose the name Kaden for our son, we had no idea that it’s meaning “fighter” would come to life. We cherish every moment because no one is promised years. We believe there is a miracle out there for Kaden and treasure every moment we have together. Please follow his journey here.

Kaden's Friends

Kaden is just one boy. He has thousands of friends just like him. They are fighting every day & we are told a cure is close. Together we hold tight to hope that our babies will have endless birthdays. That can only happen with your help. A cure for Kaden is a cure for his friends & it starts with you. Together we can END SMA!